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tv   Headline News  RT  August 16, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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i'm going to. a day of anger the muslim brotherhood calls on millions to protest the deadly crackdown on pro-democracy supporters which claimed over six hundred lives as the government allows security forces to use live ammunition. payson shifts the u.s. beefs up its military support to the philippines in yet another move to boost its presence in the region adding more to fuel the international friction over oil and gas rich territory. and big point here just today the digital currency is ringing alarm bells for big government who are calling for the regulation of all virtual money.
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it's eight am here in moscow six am in cairo ominous in a way and you're watching r t we begin with egypt and the muslim brotherhood which has been striking back against security forces after a crackdown on their protest camps in the capital and they're not done yet the organization wants all of those who support ousted president morsi to join a march of anger this friday the country's been engulfed in violence health officials say the number of those killed on wednesday's assault is at least six hundred and thirty eight this led president obama to cancel military exercises between the u.s. and egypt and criticize the in term government for the clampdown now egyptian authorities said obama's remarks could encourage further violence because the country is under attack by terrorists so. meanwhile taking protection into their
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own hands because the rest is showing little sign of ending archies bell true is in cairo. supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsi have attacked a governor building here in the capital just in giza which is on the outskirts of cairo they are obviously extremely angry of following bloody on the school which some hundreds dying security forces who promised to do a peaceful disbursement of the supporters of movies in that city as you know basically opened fire for several hours causing the future death toll of the missing brotherhood and the supporters of morsi basically are rejecting the way that the security forces treated them and saying they will not be intimidated they want to continue protesting until mohamed morsy is reinstated and the constitution which is where the protests are starting to start with families who are identifying the dead they are as i said extremely determined and very angry up to losing their sons and husbands and brothers to looking really at
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a very very tense atmosphere in egypt as the security forces go head to head with the muslim brotherhood and supporters of mousavi we're seeing such bloody scenes really unprecedented in the recent history of egypt certainly the use of light on the mission in such an extent by the security forces in addition civilians are increasingly armed and so there have been reports all of morsi supporters is particularly in the giza camp firing back at the police and also civilians in terms of residents attacking morsy supporters in addition we've had this new choices to carry in violence dozens of churches have been run it's not graded and torched including christian buildings and homes leaving many to be that this could actually escalate into its own kind of battle itself to seeing a massively divided country civilians increasingly arms as well as terry in issues on the horizon so you know at the moment people are wondering that this might actually descend into a full blown civil war. now bell true is constantly tracking of events in the egyptian capital for us so make sure you follow her on twitter to keep up
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with everything that is happening there. on. now as we just heard from our correspondent in cairo the military has been using live ammunition since this latest bout of unrest kicked off on wednesday more shocking footage of civilians being fired on has emerged online let's take a look you can see here another man helping another man as who appears to be wounded and then several gunshots apparently heard in the background when one of the men begins carrying the wounded person away he in fact gets hit by sniper fire a british cameraman has also reportedly died from sniper fire while filming and our correspondent belcher's reported having to duck behind cars to avoid bullets archies policy or visit a mosque where many of the bodies are being brought to and heard firsthand accounts
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of the clampdown. up to every battle days of reckoning this is where the tally for this week's deadly clashes is taking place here i mean that human must where the bodies of that date and burnt are being false and it was here finally we saw a few helmi mohammad found her son she learnt on facebook the twenty three year old had been killed she tried in vain to get through sniper fire to reach the mosque where he'd been camping for weeks. and two bullets one was an historic their army claims the protesters had weapons but it was a peaceful sitting the police killed him they were standing on top of the roofs they burned some of the bodies and burned some people alive but it was egypt's most bloody day of violence since the revolution two and a half years ago this old man managed to save his koran but not his wife she was among the hundreds killed many of them burned beyond recognition tears of anguish against a backdrop of angry demonstrations i think that's why you march it's easy obey the
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. people when they go to the street and. i think you said that i listened. obeying the will of the egyptian. people went to the streets how about this people watched a industry for forty seven days then they would rise and their gift is to kill them dr mohammad mahmoud was on duty when the first casualty started coming in within hours he treated civil dozen patients they wounds were worse than anything he'd seen before marking a turning point he says from which there is no return the egyptian army usually defend people but what we know are they gyptian army even in our religion we have some proof they said these are the best army and over the world but not to kill his own people is the egyptians always we are our history with the egyptian army to defend us not to kill us because that's why i'm saying this is
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a very bad and black chapter of the accusations and counter-accusations are heating up each side blames the other for unprovoked excessive violence the army stands accused of firing at an armed protesters while the brotherhood is feared for spreading violence anything is possible now unfortunately in every single step that we've been witnessing from since january twenty five. we don't think the next step is going to happen it's so far away and then it happens so anything is possible now the interior ministry has given police a green light to use live ammunition against anyone who attacks government buildings while the muslim brotherhood is vowing nothing will stop its glorious revolution in a country many fear is now teaching on the brink of civil war policy r.t. kyra. we spoke to representatives of the muslim brotherhood after that outbreak of violence and they've insisted that only government security forces are to blame for
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those deaths but artie's ruptly video agency has obtained footage showing masked gunmen armed with automatic weapons firing back at police in cairo now it's not known if they are affiliated with the muslim brotherhood but it is clear that the military assault on pro morsy camps has prompted armed resistance atar elka taught me an award winning journalist and author says egypt is unlikely to veer from its current violent path. i think actually the worst thing that's happening now is not actually to the deaths but it's how objections themselves have changed the amount of people i've heard just yesterday talk about how thank god square has been cleaned even the word in arabic it's such a strong word to use that it's been cleaned up the muslim brotherhood there's so much hatred i have never seen so much hatred from egypt as for their fellow egyptians and it isn't just christian muslim which is already a problem we had in egypt but just in difference an ideological perspective say muslims talking about their other fellow muslim egyptians in the sense that they
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deserve to die that we're so sad they die but at least now we can be free of the terrorists it and that i think is one of the worst and the scariest developments and that's what's going to lead egypt down a dark cap i think everyone is playing here everyone has their own agenda everyone has their own reasons and in a very sad way everyone has something to benefit from this but again like i said i think the biggest loser is just egypt as a country you know the footage we've been seeing aerial footage everything burning a condom is in freefall the banks of clothes the stock markets lost cairo airport emergency light churches a trip burning tires for lease and it's just like oh my god am i watching a we how is this how are we two and a half years on and things are only get worse in the markets. are also closely following the escalating tensions in egypt online for you had to argy dot com for live updates and a timeline of the unfolding conflict dividing the nation. lots on our to
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do to break if you can find your magic pictures from cairo revealing the brutal standoff between the security forces and protesters. the u.s. is boosting its military assistance to the philippines with fifty million dollars. said to be provided in aid along with more navy vessels that's a tension in the region continues to rise over disputed resource rich territories in the south china sea analysts say it's an increasingly assertive china that seems to be the real reason for washington's growing and gauge ment's in the region of the us has been steadily beefing up its military presence in the region japan being its main ally with fifty thousand american troops deployed there south korea comes in second with over twenty eight thousand u.s.
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military personnel now there is also the u.s. security hub of guam which houses multiple military bases under the asian orientated policy the us has been strengthening its alliances with australia the philippines singapore thailand and vietnam to point troops as well as seeking to sign cooperation agreements america claims it's just protecting its economic interest in the region but as artie's paul scott explains that doesn't seem to be the case. america's increasing interest in the asia pacific is defined by the white house as an attempt to strengthen economic and security interests in a paper released in two thousand and twelve washington makes no attempt to shy away from the fact that china's dominance in the region is a concern saying its emergence has the potential to negatively affect america's economy and security but go some way to explaining exactly why the u.s. is beefing up its military presence in the region but the exact extent of their
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muscle flexing is causing some to suggest it's an attempt at containment which will only intensify friction in the region the idea that the united states is protecting the interests of the world against chinese influence is clearly absurd all the united states is doing is ratcheting up military tension and pressure when the world doesn't need it it's all disputes over territory are the main reason for heightened tensions the south china say rich in oil and fish is the main bone of contention washington is backing its ally the philippines in that to speed up its military support to the nation by two thirds were also strengthening its military ties with indonesia singapore malaysia brunei and vietnam the united states say there needs to be greater clarity over china's strategic intentions but as washington maintains they want dialogue they continue to expand their military presence on china's doorstep rattling the world's second largest economy a dangerous game of brinksmanship in a region where tensions are already high well the philippines hopes the united
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states may help counter china's territorial claims in the south china sea dr thorsten pampered from beijing university says the u.s. should try and work with china rather than put efforts into containing it. the u.s. tries to kind of contain china at the moment in china that the saying that it means literally the strong eat the real meat that china has a duty because of its military rise to actually challenge the reigning champion in asia the u.s. and likewise u.s. of course cannot retreat or retire it has to face a challenge china's influence is growing even by west meddler standouts china's already the second largest economy it is sure to surpass us i think there's no doubt that about this it's work to figure out our last saw indiana and the u.s. has to work together with china instead of suppressing its rising influence are.
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just around the corner this hour for you to cut or not to cut as public spending is trained in the u.k. we have been expert panel discussion where britain for cash is spent that's coming up.
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i. exactly what happened there i don't know but if i killed. piers later is when i got arrested. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like men know because the psychological techniques are more
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effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse they were taking they could do what they wanted they could say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. see it live from moscow with me and he said now it good to have you with us the u.s. is becoming increasingly concerned over virtual currencies launching broad investigations into big coin and the like virtual currency is not going away and needs a whole government response that's according to the participants of the inquiry run by a senate committee on homeland security now on banks and free from centralised regulation bitcoin has been gathering steam and pushing its way to the mainstream its value
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rocketed in april this year hitting more than two hundred dollars however big coin success is marred by worries it can be used to evade taxes and trade drugs and pornography lawmakers and says digital money should be brought out of the darkness and regulated both in the interest of the public and the virtual currency interests itself economist mark thorton says the u.s. is just worried about the dollar. their stated objective to investigate these currency these virtual currency is that they may be used for illegal means or they may be used for tax evasion and money laundering purposes which of course that does occur but that also occurs with u.s. currency which is the major currency for drug dealers and smugglers of all sorts so we have to look a little deeper here at these investigations and what we find is that of course the bigger credit card companies are concerned about bitcoin is a competitor because it's cheaper and faster than their own services there's no
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fees involved and so they're concerned and also the federal reserve and the treasury are concerned that in the long run virtual currencies maybe siphon off some of the demand for the u.s. dollar so the government is concerned about that conan's popularity at many different levels well the online currency has one official recognition with the u.s. federal judge rolling it is real money a texas man being tried for laundering billions of dollars you think bitcoin system talent's the court by saying bitcoins were virtual and could be the basis for a fraud charge he failed artists peter oliver went to meet those who have no doubt bitcoin has real value. it points. to peak oil in the. peach coin can the scenes are filling those developing the digital currency perhaps a little bunkers has the potential to be brilliant but we're still in the early days down the road i think it has from an interventional and the thing next yes it
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can be you everybody wants to convenience it's there it's in so-called spaces like this one in brussels love the kinks in the currency being ironed out by a dedicated in close knit group even holding a wedding within a digital den to care for and protect each other on your phone. the developers may soon an unconventional group this is an incompetent currency not controlled by any government or central bank this peer to peer method of exchange you can run chanting it will take the stand there. like life cycle of every technology of every new technology hoping the geeks will use it first. sooner or later the customers will use however with one bitcoin currently being worth around seventy euro and only existing in cyberspace it's not really being cohesive with
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the high streets until now early make. dinner with nations of the coins like. some kind of five euro two euro one euro in that size which would be for example serial point zero one bitcoin and it would look like this actually we want to make it easy to use solution for down like to keep coins in their daily lives paid their daily life things with bitcoins like a pizza or a coke at a bar or something like that security online is a major concern for us all these days so developers are looking into a number of ways to protect consumers cash we already talk with them. security legal companies there were all those. labels like was full grounds self destroying if you rip them off so we tried to make it really secure. that the can be sure. to use. so they really can use it for trading
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due to the digital nature there's no limit to shade the physical evidence you can take you can stamp it. it will work just how easy is it to use. your credit i stored my char reader. through to do and since this one was not claim before i can just claim it's the most money it's going. to be telling to gold and silver is the only safe investments buying those in the know. absolutely triumphed as the dollar has crashed ninety per cent. as bitcoin is set to take on the world and root out the banks stars and if this continues pretty soon might not be only for nerds they could be the cash in all our pockets these are all of our t.
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slovakia. we can find out more about the rebel currencies thorny path recognition and more analysis on our web site and as you surf on line check out this as well if you're looking if you're young rather and looking for a sideline you can post messages on behalf of the israeli government they're recruiting youngsters that undercover agent in order to write statements on facebook and twitter find out more at r.t. dot com. and drone wars on american soil in the fight against mosquitoes the battle to just to forget about missiles and use less obsolete means find out on our website how the military plans to wipe out the past . the u.k.'s department for international development has admitted that half a million pounds of british foreign aid and equipment has fallen into the hands of al qaeda the confession comes as austerity cuts have become part of everyday life in the u.k.
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and the question if aid is the best way taxpayers' cash should be spent is as sharp as ever or two sarah ferguson a panel of guests discuss britain's budget spending tricks. seemingly endless government cuts and without anyone tightening their belts and claims that the government has been less than careful with the public has been met with understandable concern britain's foreign aid spending has once again come under this public scrutiny whilst at home whitehall waste has in the recent past including amongst other things standing on motivational magicians so have the government tried one thirteen money to convince the british taxpayer that being careful with money well here's what i'm doing by three guests as i'm a girl from the taxpayers alliance. unity and john hillery from the world i want to thank you very much for joining us what are the types. of the areas that should be focused i mean i think nation would just absolutely i mean if you look at councils
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across the country they're spending local government itself is just wasting kinds of transmitters money on things like motivational magicians so if you look at central government itself i mean last year alone one hundred sixty six million was spent on public sector employees sending their kids to private schools these are kind of things that you know people need to look into yeah but they sometimes i mean it's very easy to come up with these things and some six hundred twenty billion pounds a year at this i'm very sure of that when you say about would you see huge amount much is spent on magicians you know considerably less than that is how it's going to relations in a cup one currency and it's council time there is nothing i want to know my money is going towards you know in terms of the different budget itself i don't want my money going towards consultants and the like from being wasted in that way and on pricey trips i want to know that my money is going to the poorest and we're expected to go on and i think that's the problem taxpayers want to know we're getting the best value for our money and i think the government needs to show that
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and look into this quite you know it's important because the critical political thing here is what you spend it on and one of the rich i think we both agree on this in terms of time the poor. strong tax revenue for public services for functioning social think about that subsidy right i agree that if we if we close the tax gap and then deals with a lot of issues in terms of hysterically and also actually closing the tax gap in the developing world is vital to move away from that dependence on a if you look at the bumper book of government waste we found that one hundred twenty billion pounds last year alone was wasted on pings like most of tickets such as i mean we looked at public sector fraud cost twenty billion last year all of this money against a four and a half per family in the u.k. at a time when families are having a hard time tightening their budgets tighten their belts this is a massive amount of money and he goes we're going to need to thank you very much
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for joining us. now some other news making headlines around the world crowds rallied against egypt's military in front of the country's embassy in tripoli libya protesters branded the country's army chief a killer of innocence demanded removed from the position of trying for the victims of the end to morsi crackdown the same time the b. itself is struggling with controversial militias gain substantial policing power at the ousting and execution of colonel gadhafi. and deadly weather fronts continue to batter china after both a typhoon and tornado wreaked mass destruction their rescue operations are underway after the tropical storm left at least one dead and forced the evacuation of nearly ninety thousand people all in who know the tornado flattened several hundred homes displacing hundreds of families. in germany the launch of the national
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democratic party's election campaign has been met with angry demonstrations in the northern city of hanover protesters chanted nazi out slogans in an attempt to hamper n.p.g. men. first from speaking at the rally the far right party plans to visit a number of cities in the country ahead of the federal elections in september. next up it's breaking the sat here on r.t. and i'll be back at the top of the hour with more. live. from.
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the speech. her. mom is so good. we. just saw. her. out on the bottom a little bit. to
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live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how bad the less bad luck i got so many i mean. i know that i'm. really messed up. in the old story so personally. worse you're going to go lie down superman the radio guy for a minute. i want. to give you never seen anything like that i'm telling. you guys i'm having martin welcome to breaking the set so if you're a regular viewer you probably know that i believe what the world's largest through company nestle this was based company has no problem showing off its lack of morality that rakes and twelve billion dollars and she.


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